Welcome to the TBU Early Admissions pilot program. Here you will learn the YouTube skills you need to succeed!


Learn from the best who have spent years cracking the code to success so you don’t have to.  With actionable takeaways TBU will give you the insights and directions you need to find your own path to YouTube success.


Learn what you need to succeed from creators who are walking the walk, not only generating huge views and engagements but building whole communities and income streams from their content.


With a mix of broad and niche content, TubeBuddy University (TBU) will bring you up to speed with step-by-step in-depth courses on a huge range of core subjects including how to make money with your YouTube content.

Join the TubeBuddy University Class of 2022! 🎉

Currently available by invite only


Are you eager and ready to reach your creative potential on YouTube? Are you excited to learn the skills and knowledge that are going to take you to the next level as a creator? 

Join the class of 2022 for an exclusive preview of TBU as part of our Early Admissions program. This pilot kicks off with an amazing course by entrepreneur Peter Hollens, to not only bring you up to speed on how to make a living as a creator, but also to give you a taste of the invaluable masterclasses we’re building with top creators right now!

You will be one of the first creators to join TBU as part of the Early Admissions program and you’ll have a hand in shaping future TubeBuddy University content. 

Get a head start on building your audience, community, and revenue streams with TubeBuddy University today!

TubeBuddy University Proudly Presents

The Peter Hollens Creator Education Course 


How To Make A Full Time Living As A Creator

Learn what it takes to turn your passion into a full time income! 

  • 7+ hours of content
  • 76 video lessons
  • Downloadable guides and worksheets

Courses Coming Soon 

Pat Flynn: Affiliate Marketing For YouTube Creators

Pat Flynn, an online entrepreneur who has generated over $6 million in earnings through a diverse set of income streams, including affiliate marketing, has created an exclusive course for creators teaching them the very same strategies he has used.

Derral Eves: YouTube Algorithm Fundamentals

YouTube expert Derrel Eves will show you the secret to success as he breaks down just how the algorithm learns to understand your videos, and whether or not to promote them. 

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